Ten Paper Clip Method

I'm a pretty pretty paper clip

I’m a pretty pretty paper clip

For an effective and efficient review of anything you have already learned, I highly recommend my Ten Paper Clip Method.  Let’s see how it works with the ol’ Theory book.

Find ten paper clips.

Take out your Theory book.  (Try the hall closet)

Leaf through it.  As you come upon pages that need review, put a paper clip on the appropriate page.

The idea of the paper clips is for you to identify the ten biggest stroking problems that you have.  Don’t worry about initial placement.  I encourage you to move those paper clips around every day, but always look for the ten biggest problems.

After you have placed your ten paper clips, get out your machine and spend one minute on each page with a paper clip.

That’s it.  One minute per page. 

Do it one time, and the effect is minimal.  It will be a small, but soon forgotten, review.

Do it one time per day, and the results are astounding.  You will be training your brain and your fingers to focus on and solve your hardest steno problems. 

What more can you ask of ten minutes per day?