Who Phrases

This is a list of the most popular phrases that begin with “who.”  By no means is it a complete list of every possible phrase.  It is limited to those phrases that you will encounter on a frequent basis on your steno drills and tests.  If you know these phrases, you will be well-prepared.

who believe
who believed
who believes
who can
who cannot
who could
who feel
who feels
who felt
who h ad
who have
who have been
who have had
who he wanted
who he wants
who is
who I want
who I wanted
who recollect
who recollected
who recollects
who remember
who remembered
who remembers
who shall
who should
who think
who thinks
who understand
who understands
who want
who wanted
who wants
who was
who were
who would
who you want
who you wanted

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