That Phrases

Phrases are phun.

Phrases are phun

These are some of the most popular “that” phrases.

Learning one “family” of phrases puts you in great position to learn much more.  If you know the stroke for “that I have,” you are very close to knowing the phrases “who I have,” “which I have,” “if I have, etc.

The following list contains the most frequently used terms.  There are plenty more.  If you know these basic phrases, then you can move on to the less popular ones.

In stenography, the rule about learning briefs and phrases is: Always learn the most popular ones first.

that are
that can
that cannot
that could
that have been
that he believed
that he believes
that he can
that he could
that he feels
that he felt
that he knows
that he means
that he recalled
that he recalls
that he recollected
that he recollects
that he remembered
that he remembers
that he shall
that he should
that he understand
that he understands
that he wanted
that he wants
that he was
that he would
that he would say
that I believe
that I believed
that I can
that I could
that I feel
that I felt
that I know
that I recall
that I recalled
that I recollect
that I recollected
that I remember
that I remembered
that I shall
that I should
that I understand
that I want
that I wanted
that I was
that I would
that I would say
that is that is all
that is correct
that is right
that shall
that should
that the
that was
that were
that will
that would
that you are
that you believe
that you believed
that you can
that you could
that you feel
that you felt
that you have
that you know
that you mean
that you recall
that you recalled
that you recollect
that you recollected
that you remember
that you remembered
that you shall
that you should
that you understand
that you want
that you wanted
that you were
that you would
that you would say

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