Vowels R Us

Sloppy steno strokes giving you the court reporting1197093053153624974Romanov_Boy_Question__svg_med blues?

Here is a simple reinforcement drill to keep your steno strokes clean and crisp.

  Clarity is the key to your outlines.  If you write smoothly and accurately in this drill, the results will carry over to your speed drills and tests.

bat bait bet beet bit bite boat but butte bought boot bout

man main men mean mine moan moon

ban bane Ben bean bin bone bon bun boon

can cane Ken keen kin con cone coin

hat hate heat hit hot hut haut hoot

sat sate set seat sit sot suit sought

Sal sail sell seal sill sole soil

fat fate feet fit fight fought foot

Dan Dane den dean din dine don dun dune down

Hal hail hell heal hill hole hull howl Hoyle

tack take tech teak tick tyke tock toke tuck talk

lack lake leek lick like loch luck Luke lout loot

sack sake seek sick sock soak suck

had head heed hid hide hod

ball bale bell bill bile boll bull bowel boil

sad said seed Sid side sod

pat pate pet peat pit pot put pout

rad raid red reed rid ride rod rode rude

lat late let lit light lot lute lout

mat mate met meat mitt mite mote mutt mute moot

dale dell deal dill dial doll dole dull duel dual

bad bade bed bead bid bide bod bode bud baud

pan pane pen peen pin pine pone pun

sack sake seek sick sock soak suck soak

tall tail tell teal till tile toll towel toil

Big bad Ben bought bent bun bins.

Lest Lou lost, Luke liked Len least.

Pour pure power per puree purred Perry.


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