Court Reporting Help is Moving

New hosting has been purchased.  The Theme (the purty stuff) has been bought.  Court Reporting Help will be moving to a new and more professional site.

For instance, I will be offering more free drills, more articles will be able to be published (and visible without digging through the site), and more pictures of my smiling mug will appear.

They say that this process will be pretty smooth and that I won’t lose touch with my fans.  The new site will be active long before the standard gobbledy goop has been removed or replaced.  But the front page will have my recent posts, older articles, free drills, and the goofy stuff that I love to post like Kennedy and the Jelly Doughnut or which word is the longest that can be typed with the left hand.

If you do stop receiving my posts, just keep in mind that you can always find court reporting help at

Steve Shastay

The Steno Rebel

2 comments on “Court Reporting Help is Moving

    • This kind of stuff is pretty much up to the visitor. That keeps unscrupulous sites from mass mailing everybody in the world.

      Our new site will be on the air in a day or so. The address is still You can try signing up there.

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